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Expat Guide 101: Moving to Oman Became Easy!


Having an international relocation is always exciting, especially to countries like Oman, one of the finest, friendliest and ambient gulf nations, ideal for work and living. But, moving to a new nation also presents a lot of ambiguities, uncertainties and challenges. But moving to Oman becomes comfortable with the knowledge of a few aspects like cost of living, tips for finding the right property for settling, etc. Explore to find the ex-pat Guide for the same.

How to Move to Oman

Oman is also a basic oil – production dependent one, with oil production contributing to 37% of the GDP. Oman is as unique and as exciting one expects to be – from the most breath-taking architecture, splendid foods, to awe-inspiring entertainment. Cities like Muscat, Oman’s capital, are more prominent than others due to the amount of socialising and better amenities available there. The lesser cost of living also beautifully blends with all these advantages, and thus, one can plan accordingly and make the best of one’s life after moving to Oman. The following, encompassing everything from finding the best locations for stay, obtaining a flat for rent in Muscat to house rent in Oman Muscat are the precautions, tips, tricks and the essential knowledge one must hold for making a move easy, and efficient.

Cost of Living

The most significant advantage Oman possesses ion comparison to other nations in Europe, and the rest of the world is the highly reduced cost of living. The cost of living in comparison with the United Kingdom is seventy-five times cheaper in terms of groceries, and amusingly the larger supermarkets, with fresh and pure products making them best shopping destination than the smaller shops. Yet another essential, the car fuel is also available at sixty-five times lesser rates.

Also, restaurants are cheaper by sixty percent, with a multitude of variety of dishes available at different price tags. As an additional add–on, entertainment is also available at very feasible costs. For instance, the tickets for the exquisite show – the Royal Opera House Muscat, starts at just £5.94, literally at the same amount a cinema ticket is available. Hence, Oman is cheaper in almost all aspects, except the dishes, coffee (barista-made) and alcohol which are slightly expensive than the average cost in the UK.

A place to live in Oman

After deciding to move to Oman, one must ponder well over the location one a stay in future. The places that cater to the best needs and requirements of ex-pats can be identified, and efforts can be made to have a stay/living there. It is essential to do this thorough analysis as entirely Oman atmosphere can make one feel unsecured and have cultural shocks. Hence, an environment in Oman with many ex-pats at a place can ensure more comfort. Some of the top places for a joyous life for ex-pats is:

1.     Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos

‘Madinat Qaboos’, is one of the highly sought areas in the heart of central Muscat. Located beautifully, it encompasses every modern architectural structure – apartments and villas for rent in Muscat with a breathtaking melange of gardens and swimming pools. Yet hasn’t lost with the traditional touch and encompasses older–style gated communities. The range of services surrounding the area is also numerous – restaurants, gym, cafes, vet, and literally what not is the number of facilities rendered with Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos.

2.     Al Qurum

Spanning the largest area in Muscat, Al Qurum hosts a variety of housing options for the ex-pats to choose from. A mixture of old and new apartments for rent in Muscat, villas as well as larger houses promotes diversity which in turn renders a beauty in its integration.  Amusing entertainment activities like snorkelling and jet skiing, are also at a very near reach from the housings. Renowned shopping areas and amusing park for nature lovers are other add ons.

3.     Shatti Al Qurum

Translating literally as “The Beach of Al Qurum”, this is an extravagant beachside area filled with great aura with the white and blue villas, resembling the Greek-style coast towns. It’s a hotspot politically due to the presence of many embassies and aesthetically due to the presence of natural gifts like the beach and human-made structures like bars, cafes and hotels that prettily co-exist. Shopping, spas, parlours, are yet other lucrative benefits. Though seeming high in pays, it offers nothing less than the best for the pays.

Opting the right Property

Oman has a beautiful range of architecture and real estate property holdings. Thus, one must consider surfing information about the properties available at Oman, as per one’s needs since the information helps in establishing a base of knowledge about what Oman has got to offer. Agents like AI Mouj also have their online presence and can be a great use in determining a property of one’s needs. The knowledge is very crucial aftermath as the cost and every other aspect like the service received are a part of the property.

In matters of cost, 1 bhk flat rent in Muscat, has the lowest space and the cost too. Meanwhile, 2-bedroom flat for rent in Muscat lies between the cost and sizes of 1-bedroom apartment muscat and 3 bhk flat for rent in Muscat.

Also, cost varies with the ground of being an unfurnished/semi-furnished and furnished apartment for rent in Muscat. They are in ascending order of prices and the fully furnished apartments for rent in Muscat are also found but are hard to locate and afford. Then, after arriving at Oman, one can enthusiastically have a visit to all the suggestions and choose what suits them best. Yet another thing to understand is that the rental rates fall, as the number of ex-pats staying there fell due to the ban of their visas.

Final Verdict

Pre–relocation is always exciting. For post – relocation to be exciting too, one must be well – prepared, ahead of time and establish all requirements firmly and act accordingly. For example, knowing even as simple as if one needs the Muscat homes for rent or not, after knowing about them can aid in some or the other way in Oman.  Thus, relocation is smooth with ex-pat guide tips like aforementioned.

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